Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bathurst Goldfields

Last week Debbie (the Functions Manager) left and at this stage the person to contact is Dianne,however she is on leave this week (22/03/10 to 30/03/10 ).

If you are staying at the Goldfields your accommodation covers bed and a continental breakfast, however if you would like a hot breakfast it will cost you $8.00 which you must pay when you arrive at the Goldfields.You will then be given a band to wear on your wrist which entitles you to the Cooked breakfast.

If you do want the cooked breakfast could you please email Christine by the end of March so that I can give the Goldfields some numbers.

There will also be a barista on duty for Coffee lovers but you must pay for that and I'm not sure of the price but I will let you know.

As we move closer to the retreat any information will be posted on the blog with an email to the yahoo group to remind Retreatees.

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