Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bathurst Goldfields

This morning Heather and I went to a meeting at the Goldfields with Debbie Morgan who is the Functions Co-Ordinator and is organising our Retreat with the Committee.

Heather (left) and Debbie (right) working hard this morning.

Heather and I decided this will be the naughty corner and any misbehaving SCQuilters will be sleeping here.
These are the views from the Lounge/dining and Deck areas overlooking the city of Bathurst;the recent rains have made it all very green and lush so lets hope and pray it stays this way for our Retreat in May.I might add the views from the accomodation is much better because they are a bit higher and you can see over the trees.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


We have had some cancellations in the last couple of weeks and would love to get more scquilters to come to Bathurst in May.If you know of anyone who is still deciding whether to come or not please let them know there is room for more.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Merchandise/ Apparel

The first wave of clothing and mugs has arrived and is being stored until the Retreat, we will be taking orders until the end of March.If you are interested in ordering anything but you are not coming to the retreat you are welcome to order as long as you have someone who is willing to carry it home for you.
The Shepherd's jacket has been very popular it is a double thickness jacket with cream fleecy lining and brown polar fleece outer layer.Very warm!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Christmas Holidays

Well all holidays are over and everyone is back in harness, retreat activities are picking up speed and time is ticking by.
Christine has the Angel/ Mortal swap under way and there is much emailing too and fro, with parcels about to start leaving for their destinations.
Blooey has been spotted holidaying at the beach on the South Coast (NSW) and we have been sent some photos taken some time on January.

Booey with a young admirer on the Beach.

Blooey with a friend on the Beach.