Saturday, August 22, 2009

How to get to Bathurst


There is an XPT service that runs Sydney to Bathurst and return daily as well as several trains that run to Lithgow and connect with a bus to Bathurst.

The link below is to Train and bus timetables Sydney to Bathurst

The link below is the Southern NSW any service that goes to Cootamundra has a bus link to Bathurst however I think this takes all day to get from Melbourne to Bathurst. There is also a link from Canberra to Cootamundra and then by rail bus to Bathurst.

Indian Pacific stops at Bathurst (last stop before Sydney) if you have the time and money for a bit of luxury along the journey. The stop is not mentioned on the web page but I did check with the Ticket office here in Bathurst ,you just have to mention it when booking.


Rex Airline run a twice a day service between Sydney and Bathurst


It is only a 2 and half to 3 hour drive from Sydney to Bathurst (if you don’t stop at any quilt shops on the way) and perhaps if 4 ladies got together at Sydney Airport you could hire a car, split the costs and you would have a car for the weekend.


There is also a daily bus service between Sydney and Bathurst

This information can also be found in the files section of the Retreat Yahoo Group.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Expressions of Interest

Well Scquilters the day has come and the expressions of interest are being released,if you go to the 'files' section of your Scquilters home page at Yahoo.Please print off the form,fill in and send to the address on the form.
Registration forms will be posted out in September;it's getting closer now!

Please find below a link to some of the things that Bathurst has to offer