Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Travelling to Bathurst

Scquilters from Australia and New Zealand are on the move, travelling to Bathurst for the Retreat.All the chatter on the Yahoo group is about packing their flannellete shirts and jeans with long johns for some and possum gloves for others.

Photos will be interesting won't they I will do my best to post some daily on this blog whilst the retreat is happening.

It is raining here this morning but we (the Committee) are confident that this will clear to a dry, fine weekend.

As you drive up Mount Panorama you will be greeted by a banner tied to the Goldfields sign, fantastic work by Del Soden of Bathurst.

Please everyone travel safely, come to Bathurst with enjoyment on your minds
and friendship in your hearts and we'll all have a good time.


  1. Have a great retreat everyone. I'm staying home to enjoy Mother's Day with the family. Behave yourselves!! ROFLOL!


  2. Have a great Retreat, I'll miss seeing all my old friends but I'll see you all next year. Have a glass of red for me!

    Lisa Hannon

    ... and don't listen to Wendy, behaving yourself is optional, why start behaving now :-)...

  3. Have a lovely time everyone - play up as much as you can, laugh, sew, eat lots and lots and have a ball.
    Hugs Sue/Cottesloe. West.Aust.